Poultry Day of the Productive Livestock Study Association (Himpunan Studi Ternak Produktif) is an annual program of HSTP Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FVM) UGM Poultry Division. This year, 2024, The Poultry Day was carried out offline under the theme “Problems and Optimization of Vaccine to Achieve Herd Immunity in Poultry”. This event is expected to become a learning medium in regards of productive poultry farming and supposed to make the participants able to explore deeper knowledge and skills related to the world of veterinary professionals, especially regarding the problems and optimization of administering vaccines to poultry livestock.

Session about delivering vaccination material to chickens

Poultry Day was held on Saturday, May 18 2024. This activity was attended by around 43 participants from HSTP internal circles and Faculty of Veterinary UGM students. Zahrul Anwar, DVM was invited as the speaker at Poultry Day 2024 seminar.

The Poultry Day 2024 event began with an opening and prayer guided by the MC, followed by singing Indonesia Raya and the Gadjah Mada Hymn. Then, the event continued with remarks from the chairman of Poultry Day 2024 and the chairman of HSTP 2024/2025. Furthering to the main event, the material delivered by vet Zahrul Anwar, DVM was about vaccination for chickens. The material presented includes disease introduction, disease control, vaccine introduction, and introduction to types of vaccines for chickens. Apart from that, he also conveyed several factors influencing a successful vaccination. As we know, chicken is one of the biggest livestock consumed by Indonesian people. As a prospective veterinarian, it is important to understand how to maintain the health of said poultry, especially chickens and quails, by studying in comprehending wholly how vaccination works.

Practical Session on Vaccination for Quail

This material delivery session ended with a discussion by the speaker and participants. After that, the chief organizer of Poultry Day 2024 handed the certificate to the speaker.

Furthermore, the series of Poultry Day 2024 events continued with a field practice session consisting of demonstrations by speakers and medic practice of injecting vaccines into quail by participants. The speaker explained the process of mixing vaccines according to the dose, namely 0.1 cc for Day One Chicken (DOC). After that, the participants learned the procedure for injecting the vaccine is called subcutaneously. Apart from subcutaneous vaccine injection, participants were elaborated the mechanism of the eye drop vaccine and the procedures for taking blood from quail from the wings. In this session, all participants can practice injecting vaccines into quail in small groups determined by the committee. After all the series of Poultry Day 2024 events were completed, the activity ended with a group photo among speakers, participants and the committee.

It is hoped that the implementation of Poultry Day of HSTP 2024 will broaden the insight of the committee and students at the UGM Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to better understand poultry vaccination.

The Poultry Day event is in line with supporting the values of SGDs (Sustainable Development Goals) in points 3,4,10, dan 15 namely Good Health and Wellbeing by improving human welfare through animal health, Quality Education by means of providing education and knowledge regarding vaccinations for poultry, Reducing equality because Poultry Day 2024 is open to all members of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM. Furthermore, it supports 15th goal, Life on Land, because Poultry Day revolved around the chickens, and quails which are one the most prominent factor on land ecosystem.

Contributor: Rayhan Farel Ramadhani