1. Community Service (Dikti) Ariana, DVM., M.Phil. PKM “Low Glycemic Organic Rice” In Donomulyo Village, Nanggulan, Kulonprogo District, Yogyakarta Special Region 40.000.000
2. Community Service (UGM) Dr. Joko Prastowo, DVM., M.Si. Educational Management of Zoonotic Cattle-Free Maintenance of Liver Worms “Fasciolosis” in Sumber Rejeki group 25.000.000
3. Community Service (UGM) Agung Budiyanto, DVM., M.P., Ph.D. Application of Lust Uniformization Technology on Cattle is supported by Integrated Farming to increase Farmer Income in Sariharjo Village 35.000.000
4. Community Service (UGM) Aris Purwantoro, DVM., M.Si. Community Empowerment in Fostered Villages for Processing Organic Household Waste using “Combination Composter-Verticulture Prototype” 30.000.000
5. Community Service (FKH) Dr. Surya Agus Prihatno, DVM., MP. Increasing Livestock Productivity in Girimarto District, Wonogiri 39.750.000
6. Cooperation  between FMIPA ULM, Yayasan Sahabat Bekantan, and FKH UGM Slamet Raharjo, DVM., M.P., Teguh Budipitojo, DVM., M.P., Ph.D., Irma Padeta, DVM., M.Sc. Bekantan Health Examination at Bekantan Rehabilitation Center, Banjarmasin
7. Community Service of Department Development (Pathology) Dr. Yuli Purwandari K, DVM., M.P. Empowerment of Fisheries Potential in Minggir Village, Sleman, Yogyakarta Special Region 4.000.000
8. Sugiyono, DVM., M.Sc. UpGrade of conventional catfish ponds into catfish ponds biofloc on family catfish farms: catfish breeding solutions in narrow land 4.000.000
9. Community Service of Department Development (Public Health) Heru Susetya, DVM., M.P., Ph.D. Supervision and Examination of Animal and Sacrificial Meat in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) 10.000.000
10. Community Service of Department Development (Physiology Prof. Dr. Pudji Astuti, DVM., M.P. Early Education of Animal Conservation 3.000.000
11. Dr. Claude Mona Airin, DVM., M.P. Introduction to Eco-Friendly Modern Chicken Slaughterhouses 3.000.000
12. Dr. Sarmin, DVM., M.P. Farming Technical Assistance to Students of Science in the Outing Class Activities 3.000.000
13. M. Tauhid Nursalim, DVM., M.Sc. Training on Determination of the Progesterone Profile of Sumatran Elephants (Elephas maximus sumatranus) Captive using Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) 3.000.000
14. Dr. Amelia Hana, DVM., M.P. Introduction of Waste Management System into Compost in Support of the Go Green Program 3.000.000
15. Community Service of Department Development (Clinical Pathology) Imron Rosyadi, DVM., M.Sc. Health Monitoring of “Andhini” Cattle Groups in Livestock Groups in Klebakan Hamlet, Salamrejo Village, Sentolo Subdistrict, Kulonprogo Regency, DIY in terms of Clinical Pathology Aspects 5.000.000
16. Community Service of Department Development (Parasitology) Dr. Dwi Priyowidodo, DVM., M.P. Introduction of Various Parasites for Students in Grade 5 SD Deresan 7.500.000
17. Dr. R Wisnu Nurcahyo, DVM. Assistance of Cattle Group in Glagah Hamlet, Kemiri Village, Tanjungsari District, Gunungkidul in the Control of Gastrointestinal Parasitic Diseases 7.500.000
18. Community Service of Department Development (Anatomy) Arvendi Rachma Jadi, DVM., M.Sc. Enrichment of Materials for Learning Anatomy, Biology, and Wildlife Conservation in Elementary School Students in Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta 7.500.000
19. Community Service of Department Development (Biochemistry) Dr. Trini Susmiati, DVM., M.P. Counseling, Examination and Treatment of Beef Cattle in Girimarto Village, Wonogiri Regency, Central Java Province 5.000.000
20. Medania Purwaningrum, DVM., M.P. PCR Application for Specifying Bird Species (Bird Sexing) 5.000.000
21. Community Service of Department Development (Surgery) Devita Anggraeni, DVM., M.P., Ph.D. Health Care for Sheep and Environmental Arrangement of Goat Coop at Pondok Pesantren Mandiri, Dawetan Karangdowo, Klaten 7.500.000
22. Dr. Hartiningsih, DVM., M.P. Sheep Health Care and Sheep Waste Utilization at PT Pagilaran Samigaluh Kulonprogo 7.500.000
23. Community Service of Department Development (Microbiology) Dr. Tri Untari, DVM., M.Si. In Vitro Herbal Meniran Test as Antibacterial for Developers of Small and Medium Micro Small Medium Products in Yogyakarta 7.500.000
24. Community Service of Department Development (Reproduction) Sri Gustari, DVM., M.P. Reproduction Management Workshop for Breeders in order to Improve the Performance of Beef Cattle Reproduction in Animal Groups Fostered by UGM Faculty of Veterinary Reproduction & Obstetrics Department 10.000.000
25. Community Service of Department Development (Internal Medicine) Dr. Yanuartono, DVM., Helminthiasis Eradication through Scheduled Deworming in the Andini Mulyo Livestock Group 7.500.000
26. Slamet Raharjo, DVM., M.P. Exotic Animal Health Services at the Clinic of the Department of Internal Medicine FKH UGM 7.500.000
27. Community Service of Department Development (Pharmacology) Dwi Cahyo Budi Setiawan, DVM., M.Sc. Increased Health and Eradication of Gastrointestinal Worms in Andong Horses in Magelang, Central Java 20.000.000