Department of
Internal Medicine


At the end of 1951 the department of internal medicine began to form with the establishment of the Animal Polyclinic in the North Plaza in the southwest corner, which at that time was called the medical science section. The Animal Polyclinic was opened on November 19, 1951 and was led by a veterinarian from NIVS namely drh. R. Asung Pranoto as a class I veterinarian employed at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine as a lecturer.

The Department of Internal Medicine has the task: Treatment of animals in a consultative, stationary, and ambultoir manner, giving students the opportunity to learn how to accept the patients to be examined and treated in the Polyclinic, treat and care for animals that are hospitalized. Besides treating at the Polyclinic, department also performed surgery and practice of Midwifery and also worked on horseshoeing.

In 1979 the FKH UGM Animal Clinic in North Plaza moved to Kuningan to occupy a new building, with adequate space and more complete facilities, and adequate vehicles (President’s assistance) so the mobile treatment services were more accessible to wider areas. The Division of Internal Medicine consists of several sub-sections, including Large Animal Internal Medicine, Small Animal Internal Medicine, and Animal Feed Science.




Feature Research:

  1. Muscadomestica as a biological vector for Avian influenza.
  2. Pathogenesis of atherosclerosis in experimental animals.
  3. Study of Toxoplasmosis.
  4. Study of Tuberculosis.
  5. Study of exotic/wild animals.
  6. Study of clinical parameters of young animals.
  7. Study of mastitis in dogs, goats and cattle.
  8. Study of skin diseases in animals.


The publications that have been published by the staff of the Department of Internal Medicine are as follows:

  1. Dr. Irkham Widiyono, DVM., M.P.
  2. Prof. Hastari Wuryastuti, DVM., M.Sc., Ph.D
  3. Prof. Dr. Ida Tjahajati, DVM., M.P.
  4. Dr. Soedarmanto Indarjulianto, DVM., M.P.
  5. Dr. Yanuartono, DVM., M.P.
  6. Dr. Guntari Titik Mulyani, DVM., M.P.
  7. Hary Purnamaningsih, DVM., M.P.
  8. Dr. Slamet Raharjo, DVM., M.P.
  9. Alfarisa Nururrozi, DVM., M.Sc.
  10. Dwi Sunu Datrianto, DVM., M.Sc.
  11. Dr. Alsi Dara Paryuni, DVM.


Prof. Dr. Irkham Widiyono, DVM., M.P.

Department head


Prof. Hastari Wuryastuti, DVM. M.Sc., Ph.D.

Prof. Dr. Ida Tjahajati, DVM., M.P.

Prof. Dr. Soedarmanto Indarjulianto, DVM.

Dr. Yanuartono, DVM. M.P.

Dr. Guntari Titik Mulyani, DVM., M.P.

Dr. Hary Purnamaningsih, DVM., M.P.

Dr. Slamet Raharjo, DVM., M.P.

Alfarisa Nururrozi, DVM., M.Sc.

Dr. Alsi Dara Paryuni, DVM.

Dwi Sunu Datrianto, DVM. M.Sc.

Academic Support Staff

Nurman Haribowo, S.Pt.


Rina Puspitawati, A.Md.