Department of Surgery and Radiology


The Department of Surgery and Radiology was originally named the Chirurgie and Surgery section which is part of the Animal Medicine Section. In 1957 there was a separation under the leadership of the Doctor Sikar from IPB as the head of section and assisted by a student assistant who at first was still in charge of all the section needs. At that time no employee had been appointed, only in October 1957 was a worker appointed who was assigned the task of assisting in the implementation of section construction and in 1958, sections’ received another worker. The Chirurgie and Surgery section initially took place in Sekip Unit II, the Chirurgie and Surgery section head served as an extraordinary lecturer and resided in Bogor and came to Yogyakarta once a month for 1 week to give lectures in subjects: general and specific chirurgie, science nail disease, ophthalmology and surgery. The daily practice is led by an assistant with lecturer supervision, and surgeries on live animals are carried out at the Animal Polyclinic under the leadership of Dr. Asoeng Pranoto and drs. Djoemantoro, assisted by assistants and students.

In 1962, Head of Section of medical science/animal polyclinic, Dr. Asung Pranoto moved to Surabaya to assume the position of Head of the Institution of Veterinary Virology, then the Head of the Medical Sciences Section was held by drh. Wardjiman Notowidjojo until 1972. The position of the next section was handed over to drh. Trihardi, because of drh. Wardjiman had to leave for America to continue his Ph.D. The next Head of Division was successively replaced by drh. Agus Budi santosa, M.S., continued by drh. Sudarminto, M.S., Dr. drh. Hartiningsih, M.P and Dr.drh. Dhirgo Adji, M.P. The Chirurgie and Surgery Section, which was formed in April 1957 in Sekip Unit II, changed its name in 1974 to Surgery and in 1978 it was changed to a Surgical and Radiology Laboratory, which occupies the building of the Kuningans’ Animal Polyclinic and occupies on 5th floor of Building V-2 FKH Karangmalang. Over time, Section’s name was changed to the Department, so that it is now the Department of Surgery and Radiology.

Since the establishment of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universitas Gadjah Mada, the Department of Surgery and Radiology has been a part of implementing the learning activities at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The name of the Department has changed to a Laboratory under the coordination of the department. The department provides course material for Diploma 3 (D3) strata, strata of Regular S1, Self-help (Swadaya) and implements the Veterinary Education Program (PPDH) in the material for Co-operation and Radiology and Postgraduate Education.

The implementation of this education program is based on a curriculum that has been established by the faculty and approved by the university which is stated in the decree of the Chancellor of Universitas Gadjah Mada. In carrying out the educational tasks, the Department of Surgery and Radiology has an organization with several staff lecturers, administrative staff and laboratory assistants.

Subjects taught in this Department include: General Surgery (S-1), Specific Surgery (S-1), Lameness (S-1), Orthopedic (S-1), Biomolecular Wound Healing (S- 2), Veterinary Anesthesiology (S-2), Advanced Surgery (S-2), Veterinary Orthopedic (S-2), and Radiology (S-2).



  1. Course name:   Basic Veterinary Surgery, Code: KHU 4061,  Credit :2/1

    Description: The course are discuss about: (1) sterilization of operating room, surgical materials and surgical instruments, (2) preparation before the surgery, (3) sutures and knots, (4) parenteral medicine administration techniques, (5) catheterization, tracheal intubation, and resuscitation techniques, (6) anesthesia techniques, (7) shock and fluid therapy, (8) inflammation and wound healing, and (9) laparotomy technique.
    Learning objective:

    1. Ability to understand the basic principles of veterinary surgery
    2. Ability to apply practical skills of veterinary basicsurgery
    3. Ability to analyze the knowledge, skills, as well as social and methodological capacities in veterinary basic surgery
    4. Ability to make effective communication and cooperation within the teamwork.

    Course coordinator:
    Dr. Dhirgo Adji, DVM., M.P.
    Module handbook

  2. Course name: Veterinary Specific Surgery and Radiology, code: KHU 4062, credit: 3/1
    Description: Veterinary Specific Surgery and Radiology (KHU 4062) is a compulsory subject at the UGM Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, with a credit score of 3/1. This course discusses operative or non-operative treatment to overcome various kinds of disorders/diseases in the head area, digestive and urogenital system, skin, bone and imaging diagnostics: ultrasound and radiology. Knowledge of proper and correct handling of various cases that require surgery is very important, so that students are expected to be more skilled and confident in performing operations. It is carried out in the form of face-to-face, case discussions (SGD) and practicum. Assessment is carried out through Final Exam, Mid-term Exam, Assignments, Presentations, practical work, and activities in case discussions (SGD).

    Course coordinator: Dr. Dhirgo Adji, DVM., M.P.
    Module handbook

  3. Course name: Lameness, Code: KHU 4063, Credit: 2/0
    Classification: Compulsory
    The course are discuss about: (1) an introduction to basic anatomy and physiology of cattle and horse locomotion system, 2) an abnormal conformation of horse locomotion system, 3) an abnormal conformation of cattle locomotion system, 4) treatment and management of horse and cattle disorder locomotion system.

    Course coordinator: Agus Purnomo, DVM., M.Sc.
    Module handbook

Dr. Dhirgo Aji, DVM.,M.P.

Chief of Department

Teaching area: Veterinary Surgery and Veterinary Imaging Diagnostics
Designation: Undergraduate Program, Master’s Program

Teaching Staff

Raden Rara Devita Anggraeni, DVM., M.P., Ph.D.

Teaching area: Veterinary Surgery
Designation: Undergraduate Program, Master’s Program, Doctorate Program

Agus Purnomo, DVM., M.Sc.

Teaching area: Veterinary Surgery and Radiology
Designation: Undergraduate Program

Dito Anggoro, DVM., M.Sc.

Teaching area: Veterinary Surgery and Radiology
Designation: Undergraduate Program

Dr. Artina Prastiwi, DVM., M.Sc.

Teaching area: Veterinary Surgery and Radiology
Designation: Undergraduate Program

Mungky Ema Ramadhani, DVM., M.Sc.

Teaching area: Veterinary Surgery and Radiology
Designation: Undergraduate Program

Academic Supporting Staff


Arina Shofiyanies Afidah, DVM.