Department of Parasitology

Department of Parasitology is an institution that is inseparable from the UGM Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, constantly developing oneself that utilizes existing facilities, infrastructure, and human resources as an effort in handling and preventing parasitic diseases as well as developing the capacity of academic institutions that carry out education, research and community service.


Creating a superior laboratory in the field of veterinary parasitology towards a healthy, productive and creative Indonesian society based on local resources.


  1. Organizing education, research and community service in the field of parasitology in animals, livestock, wildlife, fish and zoonotic parasites.
  2. Empower the potential of lecturers’ staff in the field of Parasitology and related fields related to the diagnosis of parasitic diseases.
  3. Optimizing laboratory facilities and infrastructure for the administration of Tri Dharma of Higher Education.
  4. Creating opportunities for cooperation, economy and business development to improve community welfare.
  5. Preserving and utilizing natural resources that are useful in supporting education, research and community service.


  1. Organizing education, research, training, seminars and courses in the field of parasitology in animals, livestock, wildlife and fish.
  2. Organizing services for students and the community in the field of parasitic diagnosis services in animals, livestock, wildlife and fish.
  3. Facilitating related fields to be able to cooperate by involving the government, business and society.

Public Services

Public service carried out by the Department of Parasitology in the form of diagnosis, counseling, and treatment of parasitic diseases. In the implementation of this activity, students were involved in the community service aimed at the farmers, breeders and various institutions related to animal husbandry and breeders in Yogyakarta Special Region and its surroundings.

Public Service Unit

As one of the laboratories that are members of the Diagnostic Laboratory of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM, the Department of Parasitology opens services to students, researchers, agencies, livestock industry and the general public who will check faecal, urine, exudate, blood, skin scrapings and so on possibilities of infections and parasitic infestations in animals, livestock and fish. Information about public services is always carried out as a form of application of research results that can be used by the community. Many people who use these services come and utilize this service, related to parasitic diseases in pets, large and small livestock, exotic animals, aquatic animals and fish. The Department of Parasitology always assists and provides information to the public regarding actual disease data, both parasitic diseases that are pathogenic, non-pathogenic to zoonotic ones through direct counseling, information boards, print and electronic media.


The Department of Parasitology, both individually and institutionally, has collaboration with institutions in the country and abroad. The collaboration covers various fields of parasitic research and the field of natural resource concentration.


The Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Universitas Gadjah Mada(UGM), conducts research focusing on the field of veterinary parasitology, including helminthology, protozoology, and entomology. Collaborative research is undertaken to enhance the quality of parasitology research. National and International research collaboration was conducted for research quality improvement, as follows: 1. Disease Investigation Center, Wates, Yogyakarta (BBVET, Wates) 2. Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University, 3. National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), 4. Oxford University UK, 5. Seoul National University, 6. Private company

The publications that have been published by the staff of the Department of Parasitology are as follows:

    1. Prof. Dr. R. Wisnu Nurcahyo, DVM.
    2. Prof. Dr. Joko Prastowo, DVM., M.Si
    3. Dr. Ana Sahara, DVM., M.Si
    4. Dr. Dwi Priyowidodo, DVM., M.P.
    5. Yudhi Ratna Nugraheni, DVM., M.Sc., Ph.D


Prof. Dr. R. Wisnu Nurcahyo, DVM.

Department head


Prof. Dr. Joko Prastowo, DVM., M.Si.

Dr. Dwi Priyowidodo, DVM., M.P.

Dr. Ana Sahara, DVM., M.Si.

Yudhi Ratna Nugraheni, DVM., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Academics Support Staff

drh. Diah Ristya Oktaviani