Animal Hospital

  • Vision and mission

    Overview of Animal Hospital Prof. Soeparwi Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universitas Gadjah Mada. Animal Hospital Prof. Soeparwi FVM-UGM is an educational hospital that practices Three Principles of Higher Education (Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi), which include:

    1. Education: Train professional level students (prospective veterinarians).
    2. Research: Facility and infrastructure to conduct research.
    3. Community Service: Directly carrying out animal health services to the community in the form of examination, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

    Animal Hospital Prof. Soeparwi FVM UGM acts as:

    1. A place to educate and train the professional students’ skills in conducting examinations, diagnosis, treatment, and the care of sick and healthy animals.
    2. A place to educate and train the internship students’ skills from the Diploma Program, both from the FVM-UGM and outside the FVM-UGM institution.
    3. Training center for continuing education in various skills.
    4. Surgical training center for surgeons throughout Indonesia. In this case, Animal Hospital Prof. Soeparwi cooperates with other institutions in need, namely the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia and the Indonesian Medical Association (Ikatan Dokter Indonesia).
    5. Public health services, for various animal patients (small animals, large animals, exotic, aquatic, poultry, wild animals, etc.)
    6. Information services for zoonotic diseases to the public and community.
    7. Facilities and infrastructure to carry out various basic and applied research.


    The vision of the Animal Hospital Prof. Soeparwi, FVM UGM is to be a superior, independent, dignified world-class Animal Hospital, and being imbued with Pancasila serving the interests and prosperity of the nation.


    1. Carrying out learning and service in the field of animal health to improve human well-being based on research.
    2. Increasing education, research and community service activities in the world class animal health sector with populist identity and building Indonesian socio-culture.

  • Director
    Dr. drh. Guntari Titik Mulyani, M.P.
    Vice Director of Services and Development
    drh. Setyo Budhi, M.P.
    Vice Director of Education
    drh. Slamet Raharjo, M.P.
    drh. Dyah Kunthi Wirapratiwi
    drh. Annisa Nurani M
    drh. Kurnia
    drh. Agung Budi Pramono
    drh. Yuli Santosa
    drh. Anggarda Prasetyo
    drh. Dito Anggoro , M.Sc.
    drh. Dwi Cahyo Budi Setyawan, M.Sc.
    drh. Yudhi Ratna Nugraheni, M.Sc.
    Ida Fitriana, S.Farm, Apt., M.Sc.
    Pharmacist Assistant
    Rina Kuspratiwi
    Muhammad Anhar, Amd
    Latief Meitanto, Amd
    Daruni, Amd
    Alfonsus Eko Margono, Amd
    Anung Kusumanintyas, Amd
    David Haryanto
    Agus Marjayana

  • Facilities:

    1. Small Animal Unit, for inspection of small animals, such as dogs, cats, including exotic animals, poultry, and others;
    2. Surgery and Radiology Unit, serving minor and major surgical operations;
    3. Mobile Veterinary Clinics Unit, for the service of small animals that need health service assistance, including picking up patients;
    4. Midwifery Unit;
    5. Laboratory Unit;
    6. Clinical Pharmacy Unit and Pet Shop;
    7. Clinical Epidemology Unit;
    8. Emergency Care Installation (IRD);
    9. Inpatient Installation (IRI);
    10. Grooming room for healthy bathing, with complete facilities, including cold and warm water facilities;
    11. Vaccination Room, which is separate from the sick animal area;
    12. There are various modern diagnostic support tools such as EKG, USG, X-Ray, etc .;
    13. Seminar Room / Theater Room “Elisa Nugroho”;
    14. Registration rooms and waiting rooms are comfortable and convenient, the parking lot is spacious and safe;
    15. Supported by professional practitioners and paramedics.

    Professor Soeparwi Animal Hospital: Main Building

    Professor Soeparwi Animal Hospital: Registration Office

    Professor Soeparwi Animal Hospital: Examination Room

    Professor Soeparwi Animal Hospital: Catheterization Room

    Professor Soeparwi Animal Hospital: Surgery Room

    Professor Soeparwi Animal Hospital: USG Device

    Professor Soeparwi Animal Hospital: Laboratory

    Professor Soeparwi Animal Hospital: Inpatient Room

    Professor Soeparwi Animal Hospital: Pharmacy

  • Routine Health Check

    Pet animals need regular check for monitoring health to avoid kind of disease that can be transmitted between animals and human. Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital provides services for routine health check for dogs, cats and other pets.

    Health Services for Animals

    Pet animals that have diseases need an immediate medical assistance so that the disease can be resolved quickly and do not cause unexpected losses. Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital provides services to deal with various types of diseases, with various supporting facilities.

    Vaccination (Immunization)

    Prevention of various diseases that can attack dogs, cats, poultry and others can be prevented by vaccination. A vaccination program is a protective measure that is inexpensive compared to treatment and the unexpected risk. Vaccinations in dogs include parvo virus, distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, leptospirosis, bordetella, and rabies. Vaccinations in cats include panleukopenia, calici, rhinotracheitis, and rabies.

    Minor and Major Surgery

    Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital serves minor and major surgeries such as castration, nail cutting, caecar surgery, fractures, tumor surgery, and others.


    Healthy pets which are free from ectoparasite infestations and skin diseases, beautiful, and fragrant are the pleasure and pride of pet owners. Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital provides grooming for pets, so that that they can be free from skin diseases, ectoparasite infestations, or fungi, with cold and warm water facilities.

    Health and counseling

    The dog owner can utilize the consultation and counseling services organized by Prof.Soeparwi Animal Hospital. Materials and times of consultations can be adjusted with the specific requirements and problems.


    Veterinary Medicine Needs and Pet Shop

    Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital serves medicines prescribed by doctors, and also serves the purchase of over-the-counter medicines, dog and cat shampoo, accessories, cages, and various kinds of animal food with various brands and packaging.

    Mobile Clinic

    Mobile Clinic Services (ambulatory for small animals)

    Animal Hospital Prof. Soeparwi serves animals that need special care and medical treatment for animals that are difficult to bring to Prof. Soeparwi’s Animal Hospital with the services of the Mobile Veterinary Clinic, with shuttle facilities.


    Inpatient Installations

    Inpatient Services for Sick and Healthy Animal

    Prof.Soeparwi Animal Hospital provides inpatient installations for both sick and healthy animals with adequate facilities. For pet owners who need healthy inpatient services on holiday, they can take advantage of the facilities available at Prof.Soeparwi Animal Hospital.


    X-ray Photograph Service

    Prof. Soeparwi Animal Hospital serves X-ray photos for patients, including referrals from practitioners’ veterinarians.

    Emergency Unit

    24-Hour Emergency Unit

    Serve emergency handling for 24 hours such as poisoning, accidents, and birth of animals.

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program

    1. Rabbit Medicine
    2. Fish Medicine
    3. Bird Medicine
    4. Reptile Medicine

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