Science Camp 2 & 3 “Improve the Potential in Yourself to Become the Best Character Person”



Science Camp 2 & 3 were held on Saturday and Sunday, 11-12 May 2024. The event consists of seminar, where the speaker delivered the material, outbound and workshop by the Veterinary Science Community (VSC) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FVM) Human Resources Development Department at Omah Noto Plankton. Science Camp 2 & 3 itself are annual programs carried out with the aim of enhancing the capabilities of VSC members. On this occasion, Science Camp 2 & 3 discussed Contribution and Professionalism with speakers Sigit Bayu Cahyanto as an outstanding UGM 2023 diploma student and Heldiar Soedarmanto, DVM best graduate of Veterinarian Profession Education Study Program UGM 2023 which took place at 14.15-16.00 WIB and 16.00-17.30 WIB at Omah Noto Plankton.

The material presented by the first speaker, Sigit Bayu Cahyanto, broadly covered crisis management in organizations, effective communication in organizations, developing student character and potential in organizations, as well as the importance of fundamental principles within the organizations. The topics aimed to encourage students to have quality education regarding organizational management to develop organizations that are supported by effective communication patterns so that the members’ character and potential can be optimally honed.

The next presentation by the second speaker drh. Heldiar Soedarmanto covered CPC material (competent, professional, contributive), job prospects for veterinary medicine graduates, as well as tips and tricks after graduation. The purpose of this presentation is to broaden students’ minds about their careers in the future and to provide direction to students so that they can adapt more quickly when they graduate so that they are able to have good mental and physical health and have a high level of well-being in life. The outbound was held with several games such as a rubber band relay and leaky pipe game which could increase the bonding between VSC members.

The next activity is a workshop. In Science Camp 2&3 the workshop was about handling, restraint and sexing on fish. In handling and restraint, the participants learning how to hold fish correctly. Meanwhile, sexing is the process of identifying the sex of a fish, male or female. Apart from that, science camp participants also learned how to inject and draw blood from fish. This workshop provides direct practice for students to hone their skills to become more accustomed to being around animals, and able to increase their professionalism to become veterinarians in the future. It is hoped that Science Camp 2 & 3 activities are able to improve the bonding among VSC members, as well as their communication skill, their potential and personal and intra-personal ability, in order to run the organization more effectively.