The Grand Launching Family of Students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (KM FKH UGM) is an annual compulsory event held to introduce, inaugurate new management, and work program planning in one management period, and show the synergy between UKM and Ormawa in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of UGM.

This year’s Grand Launching of KM FKH UGM was held on Saturday, March 30, 2024 offline in Room 101 FKH UGM. This event was attended by 108 invited guests in the form of BEM/DEMA/LM/LEM Representatives from other faculties at UGM, UKM and Ormawa supervisor at FKH UGM, Students from various UKM and Ormawa at FKH UGM, and Representatives from each student of FKH UGM. This year, Grand Launching carries the theme ‘Young and Flaming’ which symbolizes the presence of new UKM and ORMAWA management in the FKH UGM Student Family expected to trigger the young soul of new management for the next period.

In addition, this Grand Launching also aims to establish good friendship and synergy between UKM and ORMAWA KM FKH UGM and other faculty institutions in UGM. This event lasted for 4 hours and began with the performance of FKH UGM students, then the opening of Grand Launching by MC, then continued with singing Indonesian Raya and Hymne Gadjah Mada. The remarks from the Chairman of the Grand Launching Committee, the Chairman of SM and BEM FKH UGM, and the Secretary Study Program of Undergraduate drh. Sri Gustari, M. P. The event was continued with a rewind one year ago (22/23), which contained a collection of videos from work programs that had been carried out by each UKM and Ormawa at the FKH UGM. The event was followed by material exposure from every UKM in FKH which included KSSL, KSHK, HSTP, KMMV, KMM, PMK, VETPAGA, VSC, OSVET, BPPM, Kewanian, SM, IMAKAHI and BEM. The activity was closed with symbolic BEM ratification and integrity pact signed by all UKM chairmen at the FKH UGM as evidence of synergy from every UKM at the FKH UGM, not forgetting the documentation of activities involving all attendees.

Group photo KM FKH UGM

This activity took place pleasantly, intimately, and smoothly, which can be seen from the impression of the message of the invited guests who attended the ice breaking session. Overall, the 2024 Grand Launching KM FKH UGM event was successful. This activity was lively showing the synergy and good relationship between SMEs and Ormawa at the FKH UGM and institutions in other faculties. Hopefully, the next activities from KM FKH UGM can be better and more useful.

The 2024 Grand Launching KM FKH UGM activity has its own correlation with the Sustainable Development Goals. One of them is to support the goals of Industry, innovation, and infrastructure. Through this activity, it helps veterinary students develop their skills and capacities in various fields, such as communication, leadership, and teamwork. This can prepare them to become professional and competitive veterinarians in the future. This skill and capacity can be realized in dynamics together through a student activity unit and student organization. These activities indirectly support the goals of the 11th SDGs, Sustainable cities and communities, as the impact of these activities provides the output of student character formation to become agents of change in building sustainable human cities and settlements. Students can engage in various activities in the student activity unit they choose so that contribution to the activity program in the student activity unit helps establish a character as an agent of changes later on. It is also hoped that it can be a place for students to get to know each other, exchange ideas, and develop themselves together. This activity is also expected to increase the sense of solidarity and concern between students.

Signing KM FKHUGM Integrity Pact

These activities can promote peace and inclusiveness by bringing students from various backgrounds together to celebrate the establishment of new student organizations and activities units that indirectly contribute to SDGS point 16’s goal of strong Peace, justice, and institution. Last but not least, this activity aims to build cooperative relationships and partnerships between students, student organizations, student activity units and related parties so that the goals that have been set from the beginning are achieved. By establishing partnerships and cooperation, the College of Veterinary Students’ Families can contribute to the achievement of the 17th SDGs: Partnership for the goals.

Thus, the implementation of the 2024 FKH UGM Grand Launching activity is important because there are many good oups that students and faculty can get through synergy created after the FKH UGM student family integrity pact was officially signed.

Contributor: Nadhifah Eka Prastuti and Syifa Annisa