Clinical Discussion Group 1 2024: Get to Know White Spot (Ich) on Fish



Clinical Discussion Group (KODIK) is one of the annual programs from Pet Animals Study Group (KSHK), that aims to develop students’ skills in handling various clinical cases, discuss basic clinical science continuously, and increase the ability of client education about the importance of maintaining pet animal health toward the society.

This year, KODIK 1 2024 was held on Saturday, May 25, 2024, at room 301 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM. This time, KODIK took “Recognizing White Spot on Fish: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention” as the topic with  drh. Sugiyono, M.Sc., lecturer from Department of Pathology FVM UGM as the speaker.

The implementation of KODIK 1 began with a presentation by the speaker, followed by a question-and-answer session from the participants, where the best questioner will receive a gift from the committee. Furthermore, KODIK 1 also carried out hands-on sessions that were supervised by experienced trainers. The trainers provided explanations regarding how to handle and restraint Tilapia fish and how to carry out fish necropsies to detect diseases in fish. After the hands-on activity, the participants will take the quiz that has been provided regarding the material previously presented and the participant with the best score will receive a gift.

The implementation of Clinical Discussion Group (KODIK) 1 is expected to help students in introducing clinical science, improving skills in handling clinical cases, and answering questions that were not found in classroom lectures, especially related to white spot disease, which can attack fish. Apart from being academically useful, it is also convenient to improve teamwork and group communication.