Syawalan in Forgiveness, Humble, and Harmony Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM



Yogyakarta – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM held Syawalan on Friday 26 April 2024. On this occasion, the Faculty invited Dr. Rizal Mustansyir, M.Hum from the Faculty of Philosophy UGM, to deliver a sermon on “Being a Servant of Forgiveness, Humbleness and Harmony at FVM”.

Dr. Rizal said that there are 15 verses that swear by time. Rasulullah SAW had a long life and was filled with useful things. We and the younger generation must emulate this. Don’t get old, we are still one. Elephants die leaving behind their tusks, humans die leaving behind their dignity.

“Simplicity is part of a noble nature. “We must avoid excessive consumption, excessive animal hunting, to prevent extinction,” he explained.

Dr. Rizal also said that harmony is the science of maintaining sustainability, including in nature. Harmony is our relationship with each other, with the environment, and with Allah SWT. There are two cultures inherent in Indonesian society, namely Shame culture and Guilt culture. Shame culture is better known as pekewuh in Javanese. There are indeed some positive or negative impacts from having this shame culture. The negative impact is a feeling of prestige, which leads to wasteful things. The positive impact is that we become people who can put ourselves in place. Furthermore, Guilt Culture has to do with our conscience. The thing within us that can differentiate between right and wrong. We must develop this because it is difficult to be honest with ourselves. Many consciences are defeated by pride.

After that Dr. Rizal led a group prayer at the halal bi halal event, followed by praying for the family in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM who were going on the pilgrimage to the holy land of Mecca. The event continued with asking forgiveness to and from everyone in the faculty, and eating together on the terrace of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM auditorium. This event was attended by the dean and vice deans, retirees, lecturers, staff and several students. It was solemn and enjoyable.