The Inauguration of Prof. Dr. drh. Joko Prastowo, M.Si as a Professor



Yogyakarta – On Thursday 5 October 2023, one of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FVM) UGM’s lecturer was again confirmed as a Professor, namely Prof. Dr. drh. Joko Prastowo, M.Sc. The inauguration took place from 07.00 – 10.30 in the Senate Hall, UGM Central Building. The speech delivered at the inauguration event was entitled “Lymnaea and its Influence on the Distribution of Heartworms in Livestock”. He is very experienced in the field of veterinary medicine, especially in the field of Parasitology.

The topic raised in the speech is one of the neglected tropical diseases that is most often found, especially in Indonesia, namely Fasciolosis or infection caused by the Fasciola worm. This disease is often found in livestock, especially cows. The type of Fasciola that is often found in Indonesia is Fasciola gigantica. This is something we should highlight because it affects the health and quality of livestock in Indonesia. Fasciola in livestock will have an effect on reducing productivity and fertility.

In his speech, he also mentioned that Lymnaeidae itself is a type of snail which is known to be able to act as an intermediary in the spread of Fasciola. In Indonesia, which has a tropical climate with environmental conditions suitable for the development of parasites throughout the year, heartworms infections through the presence of Lymnaeidae are transmitted through snails that live in rice fields and between rice stalks. Apart from that, sometimes some farmers still use fresh manure for agricultural fertilizer and use agricultural residues for animal feed where these worms can breed.

Solution to this case can be done by giving worm medicine (anthelmintics) to cows periodically. Providing worm medicine must also be accompanied by preventive actions. Prevention of fasciolosis infection in Indonesia can be done through managing livestock manure, such as by making compost and wilted grass. He also concluded that increasing farmer knowledge is necessary to be done through community service programs.

Next, Prof. Joko, who also served as dean of FVM UGM in the 2012-2016 period, held a thanksgiving event at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Auditorium. This thanksgiving event was attended by all lecturers and staff. In this event, the guests enjoyed delicious dishes accompanied by 80s’ music.

Author: Dea Dwi Novita