Brebes Regency Deliver Jabres Cattle and the Sheep Sakub for UGM FKH Education Enhancement



In order enhancement knowledge about variety animal livestock in Indonesia, Brebes District gave 5 Jabres Cattle (Javanese-Brebes) and 6 Sakub sheeps, which were the mainstay commodity and original germplasm from Brebes Regency. The collaboration between FKH UGM and Brebes Regency has already gone on for some time, started with the cooperation on Kedaireka Patriot Pangan activities in 2022, which was held in the Bandungan village, Brebes Regency, Central Java, with an event entitled “Panen Massal 100 Pedeet”. This activity was attended by the Vice Chancellor of Research, Business Development and Cooperation, Mr. Ignatius Susatyo Wijoyo, MM, Dean’s ranks, Head of Undergraduate Study Program and Veterinary Profession Education Study Program FKH UGM, as well Head Service Animal Husbandry and Health of Brebes Regency along his ranks.

The series of activities was started with general lecture delivered by the Head Service Animal Husbandry and Health of Brebes Regency, drh. Ismu Subroto, M.Si., with the theme “Strategy and Policy Sector Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Regency Brebes in Tackling Extreme Poverty”, which was attended by FKH UGM students. In his presentation, drh. Ismu convey Brebes must capable go out from the poverty line extreme . Hopefully,with the Jabres cattles and Sakub sheeps, as the mainstay commodity from Brebes, they can help increase economy sector, animal husbandry and also tourism in the Regency Brebes .

The handover of Jabres cattles and Sakub sheeps in a manner of symbolic was done by the Mayor of Brebes, represented by the Head PKH District Office Brebes, which was accepted directly by the Vice Chancellor, and ended with visit to the Animal Health Education and Training Unit (UP2KH) in the complex campus Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to see cattles and the sheeps that has already been handed, directly

Author : Alvin