Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Leading faculty, independent, dignified, mental of Pancasila, serves for the interest and prosperity of nation, capable of competing in National and International levels.


  1. Provide, develop, and educate a qualified veterinary medicine High Education
  2. Produce professional graduates who excels, dissolute, tough, and entrepreneur spirited.
  3. Increase research quality which supports education and knowledge in veterinary medicine field
  4. Increase community services based on logic and research results benefitted in increasing social welfare and educate nation community base on “Manusya Migra Satwa Sewaka”
  5. Establish continuous cooperation with national and international institutional based on welfare principle.


Produce a veterinarian, master, and doctor who capable in handling animal health, also synchronizing animal health, mankind, and its environment, as problem solver pioneer in animal health problem national and international, through:

  1. Veterinary Medicine High Education that qualified in related to provide graduates to become excel, independent, dignified, spirit of Pancasila, also serves the National interest and prosperity.
  2. Veterinary Medicine research become the national referral which support education and also the improvement of knowledge and technology in Veterinary Medicine field.
  3. Serves the community based on logic and research result useful in advancing general welfare and educate nation’s life base on Manusya migra satwa sewaka
  4. Management of faculty with justice, transparent, participative, to support effectiveness and efficiency of tough and useful continuous resource
  5. Continuous cooperation with national and international institutes based on welfare principle.